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Here's what some of our current family members have to say about their experiences with Little Rock Family Housing:

"Alicia was excellent in providing us with the information we needed ."

- Michael C. October 2007

"Marty was extremely helpful and tried hard to get us exactly what we wanted."

Survey Response

"Carla did a wonderful job getting us into a house as soon as we got here, which is exactly what we needed."

Survey Response

"Without Janice's forthcoming information we would not have known about the Retiree Benefit of base housing availability. Alicia is a true professional at her job and very personable. Excellent Job."

- James N October 2007

"Carla and Leslie were very helpful in my home searching. I was provided with great help, courtesy, and information about my move."

Survey Response

"Alicia provided me with additional information that was very useful upon my arrival at this installation. I appreciate her kindness as well as the respect she has shown me since I have been here. I believe she is a real asset to the American Eagle corporation."

- Steven P. October 2007

Comments taken from Resident Surveys, email, and other means.