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Resident Selection Criteria

Under the terms of the LRAFB Privatization Project, Little Rock Family Housing will receive priority referrals from the LRAFB Housing Referral Office. Our leasing agent will greet families referred by the LRAFB Housing Referral Office and will assist them through the rental referral process. A leasing agent will be assigned to work with the family and ensure they are made to feel welcome and at home from the time of initial contact through their entire residency in Little Rock Family Housing. We have incorporated the lessons learned and best practices from more than 50 years of property management experience while still maintaining the military tradition. The basic steps for housing assignment are:

  • Receive a referral from LRAFB Housing Referral Office located at 1995 Arnold Drive
  • Proceed to Little Rock Family Housing Town Hall Center to begin allotment process (application process)
  • Determination of priority
  • Establishment of bedroom eligibility
  • Tour neighborhoods and available homes for selection of homes best suited to your needs
  • Offer home(s) available in accordance with eligibility and waiting list placement
  • Initiate waiting list placement if necessary
  • Execute lease agreement and BAH allotment
  • Perform walk-through of new home and complete move-in process