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Project Plan

Our original plan for the 7 year construction period Little Rock Family Housing was to reduce from 1,533 1958-vintage homes to 1,200 homes, a town hall and 4 neighborhood centers.   The 1,200 homes would be comprised to 468 new homes, 398 homes that have undergone a major renovation and 332 homes that have undergone a “minor” renovation.  The would be developed located in redeveloped neighborhoods at the East, West and South Housing Areas that foster a sense of community and security for families. These neighborhoods will be named Lakeview Estates (West), Ridgecrest (South), and Meadow Wood (East). 

In late August 2007, Little Rock Air Force Base completed a Housing Requirements and Market Analysis (HRMA) that decreases the total number of homes to 659 homes.  Little Rock Family Housing and Little Rock Air Force Base will meet in the early months of 2008 to determine how to change the original land plan to best meet the limits of the new HRMA.  If all progresses well, we anticipate resuming construction in the summer of 2008.